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18th-Apr-2016 03:38 pm - My new ride...
I've been mesmerized with this vehicle for a long time.

I'd seen it in the dorama "To Heart".

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28th-Jul-2015 11:55 pm - My neighbourhood...

Today I got my bike out for a little cruising around my neighbourhood.

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26th-Jul-2015 07:08 pm - 24 Hour TV 2013 T-shirt

I've been wanting this t-shirt since it first launched in 2013.
They were co-designed by Ohno Satoshi of Arashi.

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18th-Dec-2014 02:16 pm - Yamazaki Kento in Junon 2015-1

Only 4 pages, here goes...

All 4 pages : MF or Mega

Enjoy ♥

1st-Nov-2014 12:10 am - Yamazaki Kento Photobook
I have this.

YK-cover-obiYK-back cover obi

I don't know if anyone is interested in it.

21st-Oct-2014 02:32 pm(no subject)
I think the sayer is even cuter than the girl.

From the movie: Kirishima, bukatsu yamerutteyo
17th-Oct-2014 01:11 pm - Renew of links
I believe most of the links in here are dead,

both Megaupload (for obvious but sad reason)
and MF (which cannot be fully trusted, I think.)

If you wish, I can re-upload the links you want.

Please just go to comment in the post you want the link to be re-uploaded.

BTW, I'd prefer you have an LJ account, please.

19th-Sep-2014 04:18 pm - OMG
I forget how to post.
Lj posting has changed so much.
Gotta take some time to get used to it.
10th-Mar-2012 04:27 pm - 3 Items arrive today.
Yamamoto Yusuke's ESCAPE

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2nd-Feb-2012 07:22 pm - D-Boys Calendar 2012-2013
D-Boys Calendar 2012-2013
dboys calendar12-13
 Release: 2012/2/28
Price: ¥2300
Size: B4 (257x364 cm)

How come this year it is available online?
While last year, still with Nakamura Yuichi, I can't find it online.

D2 Calendar 2012-13
d2 calendar 2012-13
Release: 2012/2/28
Price: ¥1800
Size: A4 (210x297 cm)

Lovely, lovely, lovely!!

26th-Jan-2012 09:39 pm - Android App: Miura Ryosuke
He has this free Android App which looks awesome.


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But available only in Japan.


1st-Jan-2012 12:17 am - HAPPY NEW YEAR 2012

happy new year

8th-Dec-2011 10:37 am - MIURA RYOSUKE

29th-Nov-2011 01:39 pm - MIURA RYOSUKE: SECOND PHOTOBOOK

 mr01 mr02   
I will scan the whole thing in a bit.
I cannot format anything.
Cannot even use LJcut.
I apologize for that.

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26th-Oct-2011 06:23 pm - Kis-My-Ft2 Concert DVD set
Concert DVD Set

kisumai dvd1 
The 2 dvd's and the photobook of the live concert.
kisumai dvd 2 
kisumai dvd 3 
Arrived early in the afternoon.
A little pleasure in life in the troubled time.

24th-Oct-2011 06:12 pm - Good*Come 21
Good*Come 21
Arrived this morning.
Pretty pictures of Watanabe Shu & Miura Ryosuke with Manda-chan.
I will scan them when I have a little more time.
Right now I fled the flood in my house to stay with a friend in another province.

20th-Oct-2011 01:16 am - Mizushima Hiro in Numero 2011-11
Mizushima Hiro
Numero Tokyo 2011-11

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I got interested after I saw this news.

21st-Sep-2011 07:57 pm - 2 Items, 2 shipments...
KROOO-HappyBirthday, Ikemen desu ne PB
Ikemen desu ne Official Photobook arrived in the morning.
While Kamen Rider OOO, Character Book2 :Happy Birthday,
arrived late in the afternoon.

Both are filled with adorable pictures.

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